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Mastering the Art of Transition

OPENING KEYNOTE | Monday, April 16 9am

Navigating transition — especially when unexpected — can be one of the most challenging milestones of one’s journey. But, when empowered with strategies for success, it can also be one of the most pivotal.

Marci Ien, co-host of The Social, shares her candid and inspiring account of how she is mastering change after one of the most notable media shake-ups of the last few years, and how the lesson’s she’s learned along the way can be applied to anyone grappling with transition.

48 Hour Challenge

CLOSING KEYNOTE | Tuesday, April 17 2:30pm

How will YOU live purposefully?

The V Project - Values & Vision

CONCURRENT SESSION | Monday, April 16 10:30am

Does your life feel off balance? Are you unhappy with something, but not sure what to do about it? Do you have trouble making decisions that feel right? Are your relationships as strong as they could be?  Professionally and/or personally, can you say YES to any of these:

  • “I feel stuck.”
  • “I feel disempowered”
  • “My life feels out of control.”
  • “I always put the needs of others before my own”
  • “Something needs to change, but I don’t know how to start.”
  • “I sometimes feel guilty about wanting more. Shouldn’t I be happy with what I have?”
  • “I feel alone in this - I’d like some help.” 

In the V-Project workshop, participants will become intimate with their values in order to drastically raise their level of self-awareness so they feel empowered to confidently make decisions that are right for THEM (not just everyone else).

More wants, less shoulds. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Oxygen Poker: Let's Learn What Drives Us

CONCURRENT SESSION | Monday, April 16 10:30am

We have driving needs that feel as vital and urgent as our need for oxygen. When these needs are met, we are highly energized and able to step into high performance.  When they’re unmet, depletion and interference are introduced constricting our executive function - the part of the brain responsible for focusing attention, regulating emotions, connecting the dots and making smart decisions.

In this fun, insightful and interactive workshop you will learn about the powerful concept of getting to what matters most. You will walk away with a greater ability to engage individuals or teams in a manner that will unlock deliberate intention and better business results and relationships.

You will leave this workshop understanding:

  • What matters most to you
  • How to uncover what matters most to others
  • How your voice can cut through the clutter by framing up what matters most in your message

The impact of energy—the fuel that drives the vital differentiators of the customer experience: passion, innovation, vitality, intuition, enthusiasm, and ingenuity.

Creative Vision Workshop: The Ideal Future of Women Leader

INNOVATION SESSION: Monday, April 16 1pm

Imagine a 2-hour collaboration experience that advances thinking and conversation on an important, relevant topic. Discover how digital technology and collaborative techniques can harness a room full of brain power and creative potential. 2 hours. 100 small groups. 100 devices. 450 participants. You don’t want to miss this exciting, transformative event!

During this interactive session you will:

  • Advance thinking and conversation on The Ideal Future of Women Leaders by maximizing the intelligence and creative potential of an entire room of conference participants
  • Practice creative problem solving tools and techniques that you can apply to new challenges at home, at school or at work
  • Experience a smart and productive way to meet, network and exchange perspectives with participants in the B2L and WILB programs 

Are YOU Getting in Your Own Way?

CONCURRENT SESSION | Monday, April 16 3:30pm

Are YOU getting in your own way?  Do you feel like you are your own worse critic?  This interactive humorous workshop focuses on pro-active strategies to be immediately implemented to ensure you are aware of your “inner critic”.  Followed by techniques to challenge the inner critic to instead create a balanced healthy thought system; called your inner voice. The negative cutting voice of the “inner critic” within all of us is quite simply NOT helpful.  Let’s instead increase our self-awareness, focus on positive balanced self-talk which improves resiliency, energy and success.

“Imagine if we were obsessed with things we loved about ourselves?”

We al have choice over the quality of our thoughts!

Don't Let Lack of Money Hold You Back

CONCURRENT SESSION | Monday, April 16 3:30pm


One of the most clever moves that a leader can make is to provide their team with financial education, because it shows them how invested the leaders are in every aspect of their future. 86.7% of our employees want their company to offer more financial education programs. And there is a gap in our world where we look at numbers all the time for work, and less so for our personal life. Traditional financial literacy programs are missing out on the richness of extending the learning to our personal lives. We intend to change that – starting with WILB. At Enriched Academy, we have created a training program geared specifically to you, our leaders, and the response has been incredible.

Don’t let “lack of money” hold you back! Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to create a plan to organize your finances and accelerate your wealth accumulation as a seasoned professional with pulls in many different directions (kids at university, parents, vacation, retirement savings etc)
  • How to create a financial road map for you and your family, and work towards financial peace of mind – so that you don’t bring that stress with you to work!
  • Powerful strategies to create passive income through different investment vehicles – so you can fuel your dreams, your next steps, or your family’s future
  • How to read bank and investment company financial statements and discover the hidden fees you may be being charged without knowing. (Do you really know where your money is going?)
  • Simple strategies to escape the trap of living paycheck to paycheck 

Transformative Volunteering

CONCURRENT SESSION | Tuesday, April 17 9am

As a leader, you want to increase engagement and loyalty between your employees and your company. And that’s not easy to do. Join us as we share how to use a well-designed and meaningful employee volunteer program to help you increase engagement, loyalty and even business results.

In the traditional, transactional model of volunteering, the purpose is to freely provide a service to respond to a crisis or solve a problem. Admirable yes, but it can do so much more. Corey will outline a “transformative” model, where the purpose is to develop and strengthen empathy through experience. By focusing the product of an employee volunteer experience on the change that happens to the individual (and not only the recipient of the service), it is possible to guide people to displaying the “highest version of themselves”. That’s engagement. That drives transformational results like increased levels of affective commitment, improved job performance, improved organizational resilience, and a competitive hiring position.


  1. Gain an understanding of the link between a well-designed employee volunteering program and employee engagement
  2. Recognize that some leading FORTUNE 500 companies in the world are using employee volunteering as a way to achieve their HR objectives.
  3. Learn how focusing on the volunteer is as important as focusing on the social benefit you are providing.

More Great Sessions Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for details on more amazing WILB sessions.