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Marci Ien

Co-Host, The Social | Former Co-Host and News Anchor, Canada AM

For over 15 years, Canadians from coast to coast woke up every morning to Marci Ien’s friendly, familiar face as the co-host and news anchor of the national morning program, Canada AM. Today, Ien is seen across the country as a co-host of one of television’s most popular daytime programs, The Social. On-stage Ien also shines as an emcee, interviewer, moderator, and speaker.

In addition to her broadcasting work, Ien is a former distinguished visiting professor at Ryerson University’s Radio and Television Arts (RTA) program. She now sits on the university’s Board of Governors. In 2014, the program gave her the distinction of an award co-named in her honour. The Marci Ien and Dwight Drummond Award celebrates students from under-represented and marginalized communities who show great potential in any three of the school’s programs. In 2013, Ien was inducted into the RTA’s Wall of Fame for her significant contributions to the field of media.

Ien’s career in television spans over three decades, and has taken her from Halifax, where she joined CTV National News as a reporter in 1997, to Vancouver, where she was the News Anchor for CTV’s Olympic Morning at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. In 2016, Ien was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award in the category of Best Talk Show Host for her work on Canada AM.

Deeply committed to humanitarian causes, Ien travelled to Sierra Leone on behalf of Journalists for Human Rights, where she met with reporters and led training workshops. That same year, she was honoured by the Black Business and Professional Association with a Harry Jerome Award. Ien also works with World Vision, and travelled with them to Sri Lanka to report on the situation following the 2004 Tsunami.

Karina LeBlanc

Former Goaltender, Canadian Women's National Soccer Team | UNICEF Ambassador

Karina LeBlanc moved to Maple Ridge British Columbia at age 8. Her early life was spent on a small island in the Caribbean and then she was thrust into a new country with different customs and culture. Karina was a smart, shy, misunderstood child with a vibrant personality buried within. It wasn’t until she met some local coaches who invited her the track and field club and basketball team that her confidence rose and allowed her personality to shine. Soon after others would also notice a change in her confidence. This confidence enabled Karina to pursue a college education, play soccer for her country for almost 18 years and further win a Bronze Medal at the Olympics in 2012.

After the World Cup in 2015 she finally decided it was time to hang up her cleats and explore her greater purpose. Being the longest standing soccer player of all time for Canada, (5 World Cups and 2 Olympic games), she would no longer be Karina LeBlanc the soccer player, but now Karina LeBlanc the person seeking to understand her new meaning in life. As Karina journeys through this new transition in life, she is rediscovering herself through others. For her, soccer was more than just a sport she played. It allowed her to gain confidence and realize that her voice is for a reason, which helped her become a UNICEF ambassador. Using her international career as a platform, she uses her experiences from her life and career to empower others and help them on their journey to being the best version of themselves.

Her energy is contagious and she loves to ensure that everyone around her truly enjoys what they’re doing. A motivational speaker, a broadcaster, a host (on air and in person) she can entertain and motivate any crowd, while including humour. She thrives on bringing the best out of people, getting them excited, and getting them involved in every aspect of what’s going on both on or off the field.

Billy Anderson

Founder, The Courage Crusade

Billy’s expertise in leadership development comes from an extremely diverse background, beginning in the advertising industry as an account manager in both Europe and Canada. He then shifted into full-time leadership and development work as a lead instructor for Outward Bound, using the wilderness as a teaching tool.  As a fundraising director for UNICEF, Billy rebuilt a misaligned team that spread across Canada.  As a leader of humanitarian trips in Central America and the South Pacific, Billy built leaders through continuous challenge and self-awareness. Billy has coached corporate executives at all levels to improve their comfort with risk, ability to have difficult conversations and inspire their people. His book is called “Your Comfort Zone Is Killing You” and he was a regular contributor to the Globe and Mail.

Billy also pushes his comfort zone in his spare time.  He has jumped out of an airplane exactly 101 times.  He ran with the bulls in Spain, swam with sharks in Ecuador and hang-glided in the French Alps.  He has been a sugar-cane farmer in Costa Rica and an apple picker in New Zealand.

Sherry Campbell

Sherry Campbell

Counselor & Owner, Sherry Campbell Group

As an experienced workshop presenter and conference speaker, Sherry Campbell  has offered dynamic workshops for organizations such as; Canada Revenue Agency, the Greenwood Group, Niagara Regional Police, Casino Niagara as well as multiple District School Boards across Ontario to name a few. She has become well known and recommended for her ability to provide Resiliency Training in the Workplace, Personal Resiliency in Challenging Times & Mental Health Education and Training. 

Sherry earned her Master’s Degree in Life Span Developmental Psychology and she is a Registered Social Worker.  She has extensive training and experience in trauma, marital, individual, group counselling as well as personal growth. Sherry has continued her education through over 27 years of clinical experience. 

She is the principal counsellor and owner of Sherry Campbell Group offering personal, couples and family counselling services throughout the Niagara Region. The group has expanded to answer the call of corporate mental wellness with a full range of counselling, coaching, workshops and retreats for both employees and executives. 

Kevin Cochran

Co-Founder, enRICHed Academy

Over the last 15 years, Kevin has been one of the most sought-after speakers on the necessity of money management for families, teens and young adults. Having been featured on radio and television programs across the country, he has spoken to well over 100,000 people including professionals, students, schools, communities and corporations on the importance of financial literacy and how to create a foundation for personal wealth.

By the time Kevin was 20 years old he found himself $20,000 in credit card debt. Since then Kevin has played a key role in growing two companies to multi-million-dollar revenue status and removed himself completely from debt while creating a large foundation of wealth.

With the help of many mentors, Kevin has systemized and simplified money management. Kevin believes that money management is a lesson that we all learn eventually. Some learn it the easy way, and some learn it the hard way. Enriched Academy provides a foundation to help people avoid the damage caused from learning it the hard way and sets the stage for people to take control of their financial health. Kevin knows that enRICHed Academy will make a massive difference in people's lives, forever altering their financial future for the better by setting them up for financial success.            

Shelagh Cummins

Strategic Business Coach & Consultant

Shelagh Cummins is an in-demand business coach, consultant and speaker.  She works closely with women entrepreneurs who want to shake their moneymaker, make strategic power moves that help them grow faster, and share their smarts and skills with premium clients who value what they’re worth.

Shelagh’s unique background in experimental education combined with her corporate leadership training inspires her practical, hands-on approach to getting real results for her clients.

Her ultimate mission is to show other women that it’s possible to build a profitable, sustainable business – without drowning in debt, forfeiting family time, or working in their sleep.

Shelagh has a Masters in Education (University of Toronto), Effectiveness Coaching Certificate and Strategic Intervention Coaching Certificate.  She is the creator of Productive, an all-in-one business tool designed to take your days from busy to productive.

Corey Diamond

Partner, Realized Worth

Corey currently manages operations and business development for Realized Worth, a consultancy that designs and implements corporate volunteering and giving programs with companies across the world.  He joined the company in 2014 after more than 15 years working in the environmental consulting sector.

Corey has spoken internationally, most notably conferences hosted by the Conference Board NYC, the Association of Grantmaking Professionals, and Volunteer Canada.

As an active volunteer in his hometown of Toronto, Corey works with a number of environmental and social justice organizations. His biggest passion is hugging trees with his daughter, Savannah.


Deborah Jann

Founder & Chief Experience Officer, Roll Out Innovation

As Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Roll Out Innovation, Deborah draws on 20+ years of experience in adult education, creative problem solving, sales & marketing, entrepreneurship and management consulting. She is a graduate of the Queen’s Innovation and Design Thinking Program and is recognized by the Creative Education Foundation as a Master Facilitator of Creative Problem Solving, innovation and team building. She is dedicated to influencing workplace culture by building on her experience in business and her passion for innovation to contribute further to the national dialogue on Building a Creative and Entrepreneurial Canada.

Deborah has achieved market success as a business owner in the transportation and adult education
industries. As a principal in management consulting, she’s helped numerous clients win impressive sales,
awards and reputations. She is also certified on psychometric assessments and The Confident Coach™, an ICF-accredited coaching program.

A popular presenter, Deborah has spoken at the national conferences of the Municipal Innovators Community, Institute for Performance and Learning, Retail Council of Canada, Creative Problem Solving Institute, Mindcamp, The North West Company, Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) and Women in Leadership and Business.

Cher Jones

Social Media Trainer, Socially Active

Cher Jones is a Corporate Social Media Trainer & Personal Branding Coach with the love of technology hardwired into her personality. She leverages over 18 years of PR, marketing and broadcasting experience when teaching entrepreneurs and professionals how to effectively get online and develop powerful personal brands for business. She has worked internationally with a wide variety of organizations including the City of Toronto, Hong Kong Police, PokerStars, NBA TV Canada, Rogers, UK Trade and Investment, Emirates Steel, The Ontario Ministry of Education and CBC to name a few.

Leanne Nicolle

Leanne Nicolle

Founder, Ubuntu Marketing

Leanne Nicolle, idea generator, humanity advocate and globally minded social innovator left her private sector marketing executive career to dedicate her life to helping girls around the world and social impact initiatives.  Leanne has a passion for human development and has worked in the social space for UNICEF, Plan Canada and as the founder of girl !mpact. In 2010, she joined the team at Plan Canada as the Director of Corporate Development and Youth Engagement to work primarily on the domestic and global platform for girls’ issues and rights through the Because I am a Girl initiative.

Most recently, Leanne continued her journey in the social space as the Executive Director of the Canadian Olympic Foundation.  Through her work with amateur athletes on the global stage, she is personally invested in ensuring girls stay in sport and that marginalized youth have access to achieving their athletic dreams.  After Rio in 2016, Leanne decided to expand her reach and re-established her consultancy, Ubuntu Marketing, a collective putting organizations in touch with humanity.  Currently, Leanne is the President and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto where she is thriving in her role as leader and mentor.  BBBST is an organization entirely dedicated to empowering children and youth to reach their potential and break the cycle of poverty through mentorship.

Mother of 2 teenagers, Leanne lives with her husband in Toronto.

Brady Wilson

Founding Partner, Juice Inc

Brady Wilson has a vision: organizations that pulsate with creative, innovative energy. As the founder of Juice Inc., Brady functions as a human energy architect, working with leaders to build the conditions in which innovation, value creation and unforgettable customer experiences can fl­ourish.

For 20 years, Brady has inspired some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies to consider the possibilities beyond traditional HR strategies; unlock latent organizational energy and harness employees’ potential to go above and beyond the call of duty. He has had the privilege of partnering with many notable companies including American Express, BMO, Co-operators, Loblaw and YUM! Brands.

Brady is the author of four books dedicated to improving employee performance and business results: The Power of Conversation, Love at Work, Finding the Sticking Point and his most recent book Beyond Engagement.

An animated and intensely pragmatic keynote speaker, Brady shares practical tools and the know how to help business leaders step into life’s grittiest tensions: creating an audience experience that moves concepts from theory to application.

Brady’s passion for energy compels keynote audiences to not only get involved in the presentation, but carry their excitement away with them, inspired to create a sustained approach to positive change—and better business results.