Keynotes & Plenary Sessions

Keynotes and Plenary Sessions – We ALL Come Together!


Improv Happy Hour with Jennine Profeta– Sunday 7pm – 9pm
(combined with opening social)

Take the Lead
Meeting new people can be difficult, but not at WILB! Kick off your conference with a high energy, action packed, Happy Hour improv workshop hosted by JennineProfeta. Back by popular demand, Jenninewill take you through a series of leadership and confidence-building exercises that’ll have you laughing and learning, all with a glass with a wine in hand.

Dr. Brynn L. Winegard – Business Brain Expert (Monday 9:15 am)

Brain Based Insights for Better Leadership

Good leaders are skilled at attracting and energizing followership—these are skills that are latent in most of us and can certainly be taught, according to the tenants of neuroleadership. Developing yourself as an effective leader in this vain requires a solid grasp of human psychology, emotional intelligence, as well as the neural and cognitive factors that really engage, mobilize, and energize people. As we look through the lens of neuroleadership’s SCARE model, which defines the five domains of social experience that activate strong threats and rewards in the brain, leaders gain a better understanding of how to develop themselves and others. 

Dr. John Crawford and Diane Crawford- Neuroscience for Leaders – Monday 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Leading edge neuroscience has provided new insight into the biological principles that drive human behaviour. There are many misconceptions about the brain. Today’s leaders can be more effective by developing their understanding of brain function.

Ongoing scientific discoveries continue increasing our knowledge of how our brain affects us as individuals and teams. To understand how leaders can leverage this knowledge in the realm of both the individual and the organization, we delve into several ideas. The concept of the ever-changing brain is reviewed, as well as the impact such change has on overall well-being and performance.

We explore concepts relating to the life of brain cells, the idea of transitory brain connections, the ageing brain and the idea of brain re-programming.

Dr. John Crawford describes the neuroscientific principles that may be utilized to improve personal effectiveness, performance and team strength by maximizing brain health. A unique group activity will demonstrate the principles in real time. The workshop portion will appeal to both the analytical and creative traits that may be found within each of us.


After the engaging workshop you will:

  • Understand “brain plasticity” – specifically neuroplasticity
  • Identify factors that contribute to increased brain productivity
  • Recognize how creativity and cognitive change relates to improved brain function and impacts individuals and their performance.
  • Discover practical ideas to apply personally and professionally
  • Understand how leadership affects brain health and team productivity


Meridian Credit UnionInteractive Senior Leader PlenaryTuesday 10:45 – 11:45 am

Each year, the senior leaders at Meridian engage us in a practical, inspiring, real-life look at the leader behind the position. Whether looking at leader styles, habits, and traits, or a live coaching session with the team, this session is a highlight of the conference, and will reinforce the leadership values held so strongly at Meridian.

The Unstoppable Tracey Schmitt – Tuesday 2:30 – 3:30 pm

Delivering the Power of Determination

It’s all about perseverance & a positive attitude – Tracy shares her memorable story as motivation for all of us overcoming our own obstacles as the conference closing keynote.

Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt BRLS, B.Ed, MBA is an engaging speaker focusing on motivational techniques who will empower and engross our delegates.

Having traveled the world as a past Paralympian and present Humanitarian, and most recently sharing leadership strategies across the world, Tracy brings her award winning perspective and life experiences to our WILB audience this year. She will inspire the leader within you to reach new heights.