Karina LeBlanc - Former Goaltender, Canadian Women's National Soccer Team @karinaleblanc

This session occurs at:April 17th, 2018 at 2:15pm

Whether you’re a supervisor, a manager, mother or father, brother or sister, asking yourself these questions will help you understand why you are here on this earth.

Karina LeBlanc will come and speak about her journey playing for this country for 18 years and stepping on a podium with her teammates. She will talk about lessons learned and how since retiring she’s daring to pursue her WHY. She will share with you why winning a bronze medal with her best friends was not the best moment of her life, being named a UNICEF ambassador for Canada was.

She will take you on a journey of leadership, a journey of being connected to something greater than yourself, and a personal journey of challenging you to figuring out your WHY on this earth.

In the end, Karina hopes that she will have helped you find that inner spark that will ignite something within you and will help you live your days purposefully and passionately. When everyone feels valued on the team together you can accomplish so much more. It has been said that after listening to her speak, people are more connected to what the best version of themselves looks and feels like and are inspired to pursue their WHY.