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Why Appreciation is Better Than Chocolate  – Heather Storey

This is an interactive workshop session supporting leaders and team members choosing to experience more aligned, happy, productive, innovative and engaged employee and or volunteer based organizational cultures through meaningful appreciation.

This session is based on the best selling book, The 5 Languages of Appreciationin the Workplace, co-authored by Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Paul White.

Participants receive a “taste” of the appreciation languages that are most meaningful to them and have an opportunity to learn and practice the languages of others through engaging, interactive and self-reflective exercises.

Resources and tools shared during the session provide participants with access to giving meaningful appreciation and encouragement to the people they work with.

Participants leaving the session who choose to commit to a culture of meaningful appreciation and encouragement see increases in employee and volunteer engagement, increased leadership, innovation and positive cultures.

Conscious Creation Workshop  – April Mitchell Boudreau

April is a Niagara-based Indigenous designer, who is on a mission to awaken the creator that lives inside every person.In this hands on workshop mindfulness is awakened through design, and stringing beads. When people “make” together, magic happens!

Pillars of Happiness Jill Valentine – U-GO Travel

Most of us believe being successful will make us happy.  Imagine creating happiness first and that leading to success!  Creating a foundation of positivity and joy in your business or workplace that is present everyday will result in happier employees, happier customers and ultimately a happier bottom line.  From more engaged employees, increases in productivity and innovation, and a reduction in burnout and staff turnover, fostering happiness impacts every aspect of your business.

Embracing the 3 pillars of happiness can help you be a more successful entrepreneur or leader and have a more joyful home life as well.  In this session you will see how these pillars can create a profound shift in individual mindset and company culture based on science. You will learn strategies you can easily implement that will foster these aspects of happiness both in your own life and in your workplace or business. Create happiness, create success.


    Hands-On Workshops – Content

     Monday Afternoon  Workshops –
    Choose from three sessions to customize their conference experience!


    MeridianEmotional Intelligence – Fine Tuning Your Approach

    Workshop Description to Come

    Creating Online Communication That is Memorable and Drives Action– Cher Jones, Socially Active

    Personal branding is not a buzzword anymore. It is a mandatory ingredient for your long term professional success. If you do not invest your time building your online brand now, you will miss out on many opportunities in the future.  The problem is, most professionals and entrepreneurs are intimidated by using social media because they have so many questions.  What networks should you be on? What do you write about yourself? How do you avoid sounding like you’re  bragging? What content do you post? Who should you add to your network? Isn’t it just a waste of time? And what the heck is an algorithm? 

    Sometimes this line of thinking gets in the way of action. If you have been avoiding social media because you have questions, this is your opportunity to get answers, and start acting!  

    In this session, our B2B Social Media Trainer Cher Jones will give you a step by step personal branding strategy designed exclusively for established professionals, leaders and business owners who want to build a credible presence online. By the time you’re done, you’ll know exactly how to build a brand that opens doors. But more importantly, you’ll have the confidence and a plan so you can execute on yours.

    Deciphering the Gender Code: Myths, Misunderstandings & Moving Forward– Maria Gamb

    Communication is an essential component to achieving success. Partnerships, buy-in and cooperation depend upon this core competency. However, every single day colleagues sit across the table from one another sharing information and explaining their position only to later find out they haven’t been heard. The perplexing state is on both sides. Often times, it’s a subtle difference between how men and women communication that causes the disconnect.

    In this session, participants view exchanges through the lens of neuroscience. We will look at how our brains are hard wired with certain “coding” that determines how we communicate, emote and process information. Because despite socio-economics or country of origin, the mapping of women and men are consistent. It’s not about sexual preference or identification, it’s about an individual’s neurological mapping.

    Improving communication and motivating people isn’t as complicated as you might think. It’s about paying more attention to others and making small adjustments that mean a lot.

    Here’s what you will leave with:

    • Insights into everyday exchanges that previously may have caused disruption.
    • On the spot tips on how to identify when clarification needs to happen and how to do so professionally.
    • Improve your ability to clearly communicate your intentions, directions and exchanges more skillfully.
    • Encourage empathy and understanding of others


    Learn 2 Handle Resistance Naturally.  –Mary Bean,Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL), Led by Learn2, one of the leading learning organizations in Canada since 1989.

    Resistance is a predictable, natural, emotional response that takes place within everyone. To successfully move projects and clients forward, your people must understand how to handle resistance. 

    Participants begin by identifying the most challenging resistance they have ever received and then learn about the nature of resistance, different levels of acknowledgement and the power of asking the right questions.   By asking the right questions and listening actively, leaders learn to understand different perspectives and build cohesive teams. Using the naturally series colour metaphor, participants develop a powerful and memorable framework for understanding each other and their sources of resistance. This interactive approach connects people, and illustrates that resistance is an opportunity. 

    Handle Resistance Naturally gives participants direct experience with new techniques for alleviating the stress, conflict and tension that arise in times of change. Participants discover that resistance can be seen as a source of information and opportunity while they explore new modes of conversation that energize teams and improve interactions.

    We have all experienced the fight or flight response – in ourselves and others.  Resistance, to new, different, the same old thing and/or a number of other perceived “risk” scenarios is often based on that basic fight or flight emotional, reptilian response.  Handling that response in a new way will return and time and productivity to your team and your business!

    In this interactive session, you will Learn2:

    • Understand and use the “science” driving resistance to your advantage
    • Recognize and respond to resistance in new ways
    • Practice handling resistance using YOUR real life situations applying a simple tool that helps you to speak with the person (not the fear)
    • Move forward faster and consistently to a solution that gets everyone back on track to behaviours that produces results.

    Science. Empathy.  Listening.  Acknowledgment.  Adaptable simple framework.

    After this session,  resistance will not be a thing of the past, however, reacting, getting caught in a looping (and escalating) conversation and getting stuck with frustrating outcomes will be.

    Understand your relationship with Money without Hours of Therapy – Wendy Brookhouse, Black Star Wealth

     How you “deal” with your money affects every part of your life.  It affects our relationships – we all know that it is the number one reason for divorce.  It affects how you show up at work, negotiate for your salary or charge for your produces and services.

    Join Wendy Brookhouse, Founder, Black Star Wealth, as she talks about Money Psychology.  This interactive session will give you a new perspective on your relationship with money and help you understand the steps you can take to enhance and amplify the best parts of that.   Attendees of this session will:

    • Understand the three influences affecting their relationship with money
    • Surface the unconscious beliefs that have been shaping their relationship with money
    • Understand the four factors they can take to level up their money relationship
    • Identify the first steps to be taken to focus that relationship on the positive so that it can grow
    • All participants will receive a workbook and an e-copy of Wendy’s book – Burn Your Budget, How to Spend Your Way to Financial Freedom.

    Defrag Your Brain: How to Harness Visual Thinking Skills – Carolyn Ellis, Brilliance Mastery

    Many leaders facing the level of change and demands in their work may silently worry that they just can’t cut it and lead in a fast-paced world of disruption. Overwhelm, distraction and communication challenges often get in the way of leading with impact. This session introduces a visual template to improve decision-making, communication, and problem-solving capabilities for your work and with your team. The visual template you will experience using in the workshop is a great tool to use to foster collaboration and engagement with your team or stakeholders. Leaders who use these tools tap into their visual thinking mind, find more confidence, and a way to bring fun into their work while also building strong relationship and a sense of mission with their team.

    Key Take Away: People will walk away with a renewed confidence in their own innate creativity and wisdom, and how to think more holistically about the challenges they face so they can find the most appropriate solution and take action.

      Hands-On Workshops – Content

      Tuesday Afternoon  Workshops –
      Choose from three sessions to customize their conference experience!


      Becoming a Resilient Leader, Dr. Sherry Campbell

      Being a leader takes a tool box of skills and strengths, none more important that being resilient! Personal Resiliency is a measure of how quickly we are able to bounce back, and then forward, from the inevitable challenges in life. The most successful and recognized leaders attribute their accomplishments to a resilient mind set and today I am here to share this skill with all of you!

      When you are a leader you will be faced with fast paced, highly demanding, stressful environments that you must be able to perform in to allow you to achieve and reach goals. When we optimize our Personal Resiliency, we utilize specific pro-active strategies and lifestyle choices to be Game On during these situations. People who are resilient are energetic, creative, problem solvers, adaptable, positive, and are big picture thinkers. Resilient people stretch themselves outside of their comfort zone allowing them to thrive and reach the highest of goals. The Personal Resiliency

      Tool Box provided in this workshop will point your personal compass North again to navigate the challenges and barriers to optimal performance in both our personal and work lives. We constantly refer to the treadmill of life, being stuck, over thinking and not enough action but all these issues will become small hurdles that we will train our brains to jump over. This workshop will provide immediate positive take-aways, allowing us to notice our thoughts, regulate your emotions, lead with passion, become mindful, access your leadership Intuition and much more will be shared and practiced in this interactive humour infused time together.


      Career Conversations Made Simple  – Description to Come


      How to Build Transformative Volunteering That Drives Employee Engagement-Angela Parker, Realized Worth

      When human beings have new experiences, new synaptic pathways forge in our brains. We become alert to new ideas and we can be guided to new understandings and different behavior. By integrating a few basic concepts into civic engagement activities, participants can be guided to challenge assumptions, become alert to new ideas, orient to what those ideas mean for them, and take action toward new behaviors rooted in inclusivity, equality, compassion, and empathy – resulting in better employees, better organizations, and better communities.


      Reframing How We Think About Negotiation– Description  to Come


      New Thinking Around Sponsorship and MentorshipLee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge – Description to Come


      The Body Language of Trust, Pamela Barnum

      Imagine what more trust would look like in your office, your business, or with your customers.

      Trust is necessary for every successful human connection; both professional and personal. The more others trust you, the more they will invest in you.

      As a federal prosecuting attorney, the ability to read people and determine trustworthiness was imperative. Today, my teenaged son calls me a human lie detector, and I’m not sure it’s meant as a compliment. In everything we do, our ability to demonstrate trustworthiness is crucial. Your ability to read body language and project confidence with your body language will enhance your trustworthiness. When people trust you, they’re much more likely to believe you, hire you, do business with you, buy from you, and follow you. Your ability to lead increases proportionally to your trustworthiness.

      Because people aren’t always aware that they are communicating with body language, their body language is often more truthful. You have 0.05 seconds to make a great first impression. In those 50 milliseconds, you have to communicate trust. Most importantly, this happens before you utter a word. You have to capture their attention with your nonverbal cues; your body language. People who can read body language and manage how others perceive their body language are more successful at building trust. Whether you run a business, work for a corporate brand or just want to better understand how to build trust this workshop is for you.

      As a trust expert, I’m going to show participants some basic principles for the interpretation of body language and how to demonstrate confidence with their body language.

      Participant Takeaways:

      Learn how to use body language:

      • to build rapport quickly,
      • make a great first impression,
      • become a better negotiator,
      • uncover hidden motives and detect deception, and
      • elevate your presence to build trust.