My tree is “pretty”. I took the time last week to stop for a few minutes (which seems like a challenge in our world of fast-now-more-better) to appreciate “pretty”. I felt a bit guilty because I had other things to do and much work to be done. This year I am in a new community, a new home, and new job. The simplicity of stopping to appreciate traditions and beauty took me by surprise. No matter where we are in our lives, making time to appreciate the simple things and the beauty around us is important. So every morning and night, I get to spend precious moments gazing at “pretty”. It’s good for me. It’s peaceful, calm, soothing, and relaxing. It has helped me to slow down just a bit each day to appreciate pretty. Not sure what that is saying, but I am sure listening. What is in your world right now that is telling you something, and that you want to listen to? Making time for you, and for those good things is so important. On the white board in my office I have a reminder to “Make room for good things to happen”. It’s a conscious choice. It’s a mind-set. It’s a blessing.

We are winding down 2018 and preparing for GREAT things to happen in 2019. If we can make room for good things every day, and make time for the things that will help us appreciate more, breathe deeper or easier, or smile bigger…then we are on the right track. We may be a bit biased, but WiLB is that thing for many. It’s that thing that we make time for, that we so look forward to, and that we appreciate for all of its humility, spirit, honesty and connection. And for just two more weeks, you can tap into WiLB 2019 for the Early Bird Price. Why not make time for YOU at this busy time of year, and make a commitment to meet some incredible leaders, dive into your next steps and go there with the support of a wonderful network. That is the magic of WiLB.