Becoming a Resilient Leader, Dr. Sherry Campbell

Being a leader takes a tool box of skills and strengths, none more important that being resilient! Personal Resiliency is a measure of how quickly we are able to bounce back, and then forward, from the inevitable challenges in life. The most successful and recognized leaders attribute their accomplishments to a resilient mind set and today I am here to share this skill with all of you!

When you are a leader you will be faced with fast paced, highly demanding, stressful environments that you must be able to perform in to allow you to achieve and reach goals. When we optimize our Personal Resiliency, we utilize specific pro-active strategies and lifestyle choices to be Game On during these situations. People who are resilient are energetic, creative, problem solvers, adaptable, positive, and are big picture thinkers. Resilient people stretch themselves outside of their comfort zone allowing them to thrive and reach the highest of goals. The Personal Resiliency

Tool Box provided in this workshop will point your personal compass North again to navigate the challenges and barriers to optimal performance in both our personal and work lives. We constantly refer to the treadmill of life, being stuck, over thinking and not enough action but all these issues will become small hurdles that we will train our brains to jump over. This workshop will provide immediate positive take-aways, allowing us to notice our thoughts, regulate your emotions, lead with passion, become mindful, access your leadership Intuition and much more will be shared and practiced in this interactive humour infused time together.

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