Cher Jones, Socially Active

Personal branding is not a buzzword anymore. It is a mandatory ingredient for your long term professional success. If you do not invest your time building your online brand now, you will miss out on many opportunities in the future.  The problem is, most professionals and entrepreneurs are intimidated by using social media because they have so many questions.  What networks should you be on? What do you write about yourself? How do you avoid sounding like you’re  bragging? What content do you post? Who should you add to your network? Isn’t it just a waste of time? And what the heck is an algorithm?

Sometimes this line of thinking gets in the way of action. If you have been avoiding social media because you have questions, this is your opportunity to get answers, and start acting!

In this session, our B2B Social Media Trainer Cher Jones will give you a step by step personal branding strategy designed exclusively for established professionals, leaders and business owners who want to build a credible presence online. By the time you’re done, you’ll know exactly how to build a brand that opens doors. But more importantly, you’ll have the confidence and a plan so you can execute on yours.

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