Deciphering the Gender Code: Myths, Misunderstandings & Moving Forward– Maria Gamb

Communication is an essential component to achieving success. Partnerships, buy-in and cooperation depend upon this core competency. However, every single day colleagues sit across the table from one another sharing information and explaining their position only to later find out they haven’t been heard. The perplexing state is on both sides. Often times, it’s a subtle difference between how men and women communication that causes the disconnect.

In this session, participants view exchanges through the lens of neuroscience. We will look at how our brains are hard wired with certain “coding” that determines how we communicate, emote and process information. Because despite socio-economics or country of origin, the mapping of women and men are consistent. It’s not about sexual preference or identification, it’s about an individual’s neurological mapping.

Improving communication and motivating people isn’t as complicated as you might think. It’s about paying more attention to others and making small adjustments that mean a lot.

Here’s what you will leave with:

  • Insights into everyday exchanges that previously may have caused disruption.
  • On the spot tips on how to identify when clarification needs to happen and how to do so professionally.
  • Improve your ability to clearly communicate your intentions, directions and exchanges more skillfully.
  • Encourage empathy and understanding of others