Defrag Your Brain: How to Harness Visual Thinking Skills – Carolyn Ellis, Brilliance Mastery

Many leaders facing the level of change and demands in their work may silently worry that they just can’t cut it and lead in a fast-paced world of disruption. Overwhelm, distraction and communication challenges often get in the way of leading with impact. This session introduces a visual template to improve decision-making, communication, and problem-solving capabilities for your work and with your team. The visual template you will experience using in the workshop is a great tool to use to foster collaboration and engagement with your team or stakeholders. Leaders who use these tools tap into their visual thinking mind, find more confidence, and a way to bring fun into their work while also building strong relationship and a sense of mission with their team.

Key Take Away: People will walk away with a renewed confidence in their own innate creativity and wisdom, and how to think more holistically about the challenges they face so they can find the most appropriate solution and take action.

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