Eat. Sleep. Achieve. REPEAT with Christiane Rutledge

Our schedules are full and this pace can get the best of us at times. Our intention is to show up as our best self but life’s pressures sometimes influence our ability to do so, leaving us with thoughts of how we wish we could have managed differently.  Does this resonate with you?

Please join us for a session that will help you discover your path to success.  In this workshop you will focus on recognizing your responses under pressure and the impact of these responses on others.  We will be talking about ways to manage ourselves under pressure by becoming increasingly aware of your default reactions and tuning into the actions that drive other people’s behaviour.

Outcomes of this learning experience include:

  • Defining emotional intelligence (EI) and its value both personally and professionally.
  • Describing the science that drives our emotional behavior.
  • Learning and practicing a way to skillfully manage ourselves when under pressure.
  • Introducing a model to help connect with the emotions that drive the behavior of others.
  • Create an actionable plan to reach personal leadership goals.