Do you want to do work that’s meaningful and has impact? Of course, we all do. As a leader in your organization, do you see opportunities for your teams to do this kind of work and have a bigger impact? Another crazy question, right? “Of course I do!” you scream from the mountaintops.

And yet, despite the available opportunities and the fact we all want them, 2/3 of workers are disengaged. It’s maddening and for many leaders, a drain on time, energy and resources.

So, what can we do about it? Come to this session and:
1. Learn the fundamental (and forgotten) ingredient to getting people lit up at work
2. Gain fresh clarity about what really fulfills you professionally
3. Learn a simple and proven way to unearth insight for yourself and others
4. Move your own career forward in a surprising and tangible way

You’ll leave with clarity and excitement about the next expression of your leadership. You’ll have already taken a bold step as well.

Bonus: Bring your phone. Participants of the session will also receive complimentary access to our proprietary Career web-app technology that’s being launched across Canada. Come ready to play.

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