Learn 2 Handle Resistance Naturally.  –Mary Bean,Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL), Led by Learn2, one of the leading learning organizations in Canada since 1989.

Resistance is a predictable, natural, emotional response that takes place within everyone. To successfully move projects and clients forward, your people must understand how to handle resistance.

Participants begin by identifying the most challenging resistance they have ever received and then learn about the nature of resistance, different levels of acknowledgement and the power of asking the right questions.   By asking the right questions and listening actively, leaders learn to understand different perspectives and build cohesive teams. Using the naturally series colour metaphor, participants develop a powerful and memorable framework for understanding each other and their sources of resistance. This interactive approach connects people, and illustrates that resistance is an opportunity.

Handle Resistance Naturally gives participants direct experience with new techniques for alleviating the stress, conflict and tension that arise in times of change. Participants discover that resistance can be seen as a source of information and opportunity while they explore new modes of conversation that energize teams and improve interactions.

We have all experienced the fight or flight response – in ourselves and others.  Resistance, to new, different, the same old thing and/or a number of other perceived “risk” scenarios is often based on that basic fight or flight emotional, reptilian response.  Handling that response in a new way will return and time and productivity to your team and your business!

In this interactive session, you will Learn2:

  • Understand and use the “science” driving resistance to your advantage
  • Recognize and respond to resistance in new ways
  • Practice handling resistance using YOUR real life situations applying a simple tool that helps you to speak with the person (not the fear)
  • Move forward faster and consistently to a solution that gets everyone back on track to behaviours that produces results.

Science. Empathy.  Listening.  Acknowledgment.  Adaptable simple framework.

After this session,  resistance will not be a thing of the past, however, reacting, getting caught in a looping (and escalating) conversation and getting stuck with frustrating outcomes will be.