Imagine what more trust would look like in your office, your business, or with your customers.

Trust is necessary for every successful human connection; both professional and personal. The more others trust you, the more they will invest in you.

As a federal prosecuting attorney, the ability to read people and determine trustworthiness was imperative. Today, my teenaged son calls me a human lie detector, and I’m not sure it’s meant as a compliment. In everything we do, our ability to demonstrate trustworthiness is crucial. Your ability to read body language and project confidence with your body language will enhance your trustworthiness. When people trust you, they’re much more likely to believe you, hire you, do business with you, buy from you, and follow you. Your ability to lead increases proportionally to your trustworthiness.

Because people aren’t always aware that they are communicating with body language, their body language is often more truthful. You have 0.05 seconds to make a great first impression. In those 50 milliseconds, you have to communicate trust. Most importantly, this happens before you utter a word. You have to capture their attention with your nonverbal cues; your body language. People who can read body language and manage how others perceive their body language are more successful at building trust. Whether you run a business, work for a corporate brand or just want to better understand how to build trust this workshop is for you.

As a trust expert, I’m going to show participants some basic principles for the interpretation of body language and how to demonstrate confidence with their body language.

Participant Takeaways:

Learn how to use body language:

  • to build rapport quickly,
  • make a great first impression,
  • become a better negotiator,
  • uncover hidden motives and detect deception, and
  • elevate your presence to build trust.

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