Understand your relationship with Money without Hours of Therapy – Wendy Brookhouse, Black Star Wealth

 How you “deal” with your money affects every part of your life.  It affects our relationships – we all know that it is the number one reason for divorce.  It affects how you show up at work, negotiate for your salary or charge for your produces and services.

Join Wendy Brookhouse, Founder, Black Star Wealth, as she talks about Money Psychology.  This interactive session will give you a new perspective on your relationship with money and help you understand the steps you can take to enhance and amplify the best parts of that.   Attendees of this session will:

  • Understand the three influences affecting their relationship with money
  • Surface the unconscious beliefs that have been shaping their relationship with money
  • Understand the four factors they can take to level up their money relationship
  • Identify the first steps to be taken to focus that relationship on the positive so that it can grow
  • All participants will receive a workbook and an e-copy of Wendy’s book – Burn Your Budget, How to Spend Your Way to Financial Freedom.

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