Niagara 2019


April Mitchell-Boudreau


The Way of the Circle – Unity Bracelet PLAYshop – April Mitchell Boudreau

April Mitchell-Boudreau is a Niagara-based Indigenous designer on a mission to awaken the Creator that lives inside every person. Together with her husband Doug, April founded BeadQueen, an innovative handmade jewelry company.

Passionate about empowering people’s natural creativity, April is the inventor of the Lofttan Strandwear Jewelry System, and is constantly challenging herself to create new tools for expression.

Lofttan is an emerging Canadian brand that can now be found in nearly 60 stores across Ontario.

April is a facilitator of Conscious Creation Workshops, fusing Indigenous Spirituality and teachings with Mindfulness, PLAY and DESIGN… Her mantra to every person in her Maker’s Circle is “You are a Creator”. When people “make” together, magic happens!