Niagara 2019


Diane Crawford – Diane has a real passion for people, development and innovation. She radiates a powerful combination of experience and wisdom along with a refreshing sense of humour. Diane has diverse management and operational skill sets. From managing her own start-up to directing a team of over 300 professional staff she has honed her coaching and people development skills. She offers first-hand strategies to manage the dynamics of change, build self-awareness, understand values, leverage strengths and create vision. Diane has conquered a number of life challenges resulting in a resilient, positive, winning attitude. She has been a high achiever throughout her career but more importantly she has developed and positively influenced many others. Diane is a captivating story teller and international speaker.

Diane is dedicated to a balanced life that includes a very active lifestyle as well as giving back to the community. Diane has multiple certifications; executive management, accounting and insurance. As a professional coach (PCC) and a member of the International Coaching Federation Diane is committed to the highest level of integrity and compassion in her practice.