Niagara 2018

April 15th - 17th

Edelyne Tan

Talent Management and Talent Development, Meridian Credit Union

Edelyne is a Talent Management and Talent Development professional who has a passion for helping people grow and develop no matter what stage they are at in their career. She has lived out that passion through her work in recruitment, staffing, training and talent management. Edelyne has also been able to apply   these skills with youth entrepreneur programs such as Junior Achievement. As an Achiever as well as an Advisor, she has helped inspire and prepare students to succeed in a global economy.

From her experience in both work and life, Edelyne knows how important it is to enjoy what you do, understand what motivates you and how your actions and decisions can help you on your journey. She is dedicated to helping people leverage those insights to improve their own outcomes and experiences.

Edelyne is an avid traveller, plays Ultimate Frisbee and has recently gotten into triathlon.


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