Niagara 2019


How Career Magic Happens – Jamie Broughton

Jamie was an executive coach to rising stars in Canadian Business for 18 years. He has multiple designations in Business, Adult Education and Coaching.

His award-winning book, The Emerging Leader: Identify, Ignite and Retain Your Company’s Next Generation of Leaders, has been endorsed by business leaders and best-selling authors including Stephen M.R. Covey and Marshall Goldsmith.

His next 25-year business project is called Avenue. He’s out to make rewarding careers filled with passion and impact, a reality for all of us. He has spoken across Canada on leadership and making a difference. He’s also written for various industry publications including the HR Professional, appeared on CBC radio, The Globe and Mail and Profit Magazine, among others.

When he’s not working, Jamie enjoys cycling around the world and tries to keep up with his wife and two crazy teenagers in Uxbridge, Ontario.