Niagara 2019


Pillars of Happiness – Jill Valentine

Jill is the world’s leading Transformative Travel Coach. She harnesses the innate power of travel and volunteerism to create and inspire Changemakers around the globe. With a decade of experience as a life coach and thousands of hours of volunteering locally and internationally, she created ‘The UGO Experience Transformative Framework’ to inspire individuals to clarify their life purpose and step into their full power to live it. Jill serves to awaken and encourage, because she personally understands the challenges and obstacles that aspiring changemakers face. For years she worked in the charity sector as she knew she wanted to make a difference, but it wasn’t until she was 32 and travelling overseas that she had her moment of awakening and transformation. She is thrilled to be living her true purpose of changing lives, travelling and building community to create individual and global impact. Jill discovered her passion of working with people with disabilities through sport in Uganda and continues to dedicate her heart and energy into various projects there. She is the mother of a curious and spirited daughter who joins her travels when she can.