Niagara 2019


Senani Ratnayake is an award-winning consultant and facilitator and the founder of Motivatum Consulting. A Registered Veterinary Technician by training, she discovered her niche in 2003 after recognizing that many of her colleagues had chosen veterinary medicine because they felt more connected to animals, than people. As a natural born story teller, she worked to become a catalyst for change within the veterinary world. She currently works as the Director of Learning and Engagement for a group of veterinary hospitals, empowering people and inspiring personal growth and development. Her sessions on customer service, management, leadership, team building, compliance and communication leave participants feeling like they have had a personal and transformative experience. Her work readily translates to other industries and she has been inspiring people as a facilitator with Learn2 since 2012. In Senani’s world, feeling valued builds connection, connection motivates learning, learning leads to change, and change creates measurable results. She is thrilled to be returning as the MC and lead facilitator for Born2Lead this year!