Niagara 2018

April 15th - 17th

Shelagh Cummins


Strategic Business Coach & Consultant

Shelagh Cummins is an in-demand business coach, consultant and speaker.  She works closely with women entrepreneurs who want to shake their moneymaker, make strategic power moves that help them grow faster, and share their smarts and skills with premium clients who value what they’re worth.

Shelagh’s unique background in experimental education combined with her corporate leadership training inspires her practical, hands-on approach to getting real results for her clients.

Her ultimate mission is to show other women that it’s possible to build a profitable, sustainable business – without drowning in debt, forfeiting family time, or working in their sleep.

Shelagh has a Masters in Education (University of Toronto), Effectiveness Coaching Certificate and Strategic Intervention Coaching Certificate.  She is the creator of Productive, an all-in-one business tool designed to take your days from busy to productive.



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