Tammy: You are so good at helping others…what do you when YOU are feeling stuck? We all need help sometimes to get ourselves out of the funk and move forward?

Tracy: We all feel stuck. I remember one time feeling particularly disheartened, broken, and stuck, after living in my car for 3 months…, I had always practiced self talk, but this time it was not working. It was not changing things. I wasn’t believing what I was saying…my talk was focused on “others”, not on me. I would say, “Today’s the day that Magnas will coach me, and today’s the day that good things will happen”. I had to change the language of my self talk to things I had control over. There is a real power in language. Look at what you are putting out there, what you are putting your efforts into believing. Change the language of your self talk…re-frame to the BEST version of you. When I made that change, it was immediate. That day “Magnas” saw a different version of me, the version I wanted him to see. And it helped me to move forward.

Tammy: How do you overcome self imposed limits and excuses?

Tracy: I remember when I was a little kid. I was upset because kids on the neighboring lawn were playing tag. I was sitting on a blanket on my lawn feeling very stuck. I would think “I’m stuck over here”, and being so sad because they weren’t including me. Then my Mom looked out and said “How’s that working for you?” Then she just shut the door. It surprised me, that she didn’t come to hug me. Then I realized “it’s not working for me. I was left with my own answers. So I rolled down, found a skateboard and rolled over to their lawn. I realized I had to speak up before they could shut me down. Something just ran through my head. I have to be strong and confident. If I’m not, I won’t get anywhere, and I just can’t accept that.

Tammy: What is one habit that you have that keeps you going when the going gets tough?

Tracy: Every day, I’m up at 5:30, and it starts with positive self talk. I focus on things I have control over. I get myself out there and speak up, knowing I am a valuable contributor. Regardless of who is in the room, I make a valuable contribution There have been repeated situations in my life whether dealing with the union, at a school dance, or with kids on the front lawn. Go in there with your eyes open, and say hello – I’m Unstoppable Tracy…the rest will come.

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