The Inner Critic

Do you feel like you are your own worst critic? In my workshops, I encourage clients to become aware of the
negative self-talk happening in the background of our minds. When we are aware of our current state we are
able to properly and realistically assess the current situation. We all have that inner voice inside and for some
people the voice of the inner critic can be very harsh and detrimental to our well being.

Do you find yourself criticizing your abilities, your decisions, your true self:

When we are tired
When we have low self esteem
When we are stressed
When we are depressed
When we are going through changes
When we are going through relationship challenges

The inner critic is intended to provide a level of consciousness and self-reflection, but, if it is not balanced with
our rational side, then we over identify with the negative self-destructive thoughts. The key is to separate
yourself from the voice of the inner critic; be aware that it is a PART of you, but, it is not all of you. It is
valuable to observe it, think about it, write it down, talk about it with friends and/or loved ones and then
objectively and consciously decide what to learn from it.

Once we recognize the inner critic is one of many parts of us, we can challenge it, assess it and even change it!
For example, if the internal critic is telling you that you are not worthy enough to apply for that dream job
recently posted, you can ask yourself, “Where did that belief come from? Is it based on real evidence?”,
sometimes we recognize the inner critic voice as someone else’s negative belief or it can be based on fear.
Other times, we can honestly acknowledge that we need to take a course or two to meet the criteria of the
dream job. Once clarified and adjusted, our thoughts become clear, balanced, productive, helpful and positive.
Ultimately leading to a positive self-esteem and connection to true self.

Always remember, sometimes our biggest critic is resting on our shoulders! Please feel free to reach out if you
have further questions or details on workshops I provide.


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